Who is eligible? – applying for a grant


The charity is open to any current or previous professionals in the silversmithing and jewellery trades whether in manufacturing, wholesale or retail as an employee or self-employed. The Charity evaluates every application individually and on merit. There are no age bars.

There are two types of grant. The first is a one-off payment to cover short-falls or complete purchases, for example a wheelchair or new white goods that you would not otherwise be able to afford, but are in need of. The second is an annual grant to go towards basic living costs.

We are happy to accept applications from other charities, governmental organizations, family and friends or direct from the applicant.

We ask that you email, or if you cannot do this, call our Secretary, who will be able to send you the relevant application forms.


020 8265 9288

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The Silversmiths & Jewellers Charity
2020 Hardship Fund
The Hardship Fund enables us to offer a one-off grant to those who work within the Silversmithing and Jewellery industries, who are suffering personal financial difficulty due to the Coronavirus Epidemic. It is not designed to replace your income, but could help towards basic living expenses. If this is you, we look forward to receiving your application.